Our Quality Policy

Our company, which continues its activities without sacrificing quality and customer satisfaction, offers excellent services in the field in which it operates. Our company has established its quality policy on customer satisfaction. Our company, whose main purpose is to provide quality service in the standards and conditions it has determined, operates by prioritizing customer satisfaction.

In order to maintain customer satisfaction in the best way, we evaluate whether the wishes and desires of the customers are met in the best way and act in the most appropriate way for the needs of the customers. Our company operating in the iron and steel services, has adopted a policy that instills customer satisfaction in its employees. We aim to do an excellent job with the wishes of our customers and the experience and knowledge of our staff in this field.

Basic Principles in Our Quality Policy

The basic principles we have determined within the scope of our quality policy are generally as follows.

  • In line with all demands and requests from customers, we provide the most reliable and accurate services and aim to maximize the satisfaction of our customers.
  • With the knowledge and experience gained in the iron and steel industry, we provide a new perspective to customers' requests and ensure sustainability within the scope of providing quality service.