Our Environmental Policy

While determining our environmental policy, we act with an understanding that prioritizes living life, and we ensure quality and sustainability within the framework of iron profile pipe production. We act with the awareness that the environment is an important issue in supporting human life. In this context, we direct our environmental policy as follows.

  • To ensure that production is carried out in accordance with the rules within the framework of environmental legislation,
  • To ensure the development and sustainability of environmental management systems,
  • To support the elimination of pollution at its source by minimizing environmental waste,
  • To take the necessary measures to prevent emergencies in the environment,
  • To ensure personnel to comply with environmental precautions while fulfilling the requirements within the scope of Occupational Health and Safety,
  • To stay away from all kinds of actions and processes that will cause air and water pollution,
  • To prevent the pollution caused by packaging while minimizing the use of packaging,
  • To prefer solutions that will least affect the environment while ensuring energy efficiency,
  • To ensure that water resources and energy opportunities are used with maximum efficiency,
  • To support the personnel to have innovative perspectives on this issue while ensuring that they adopt the understanding of the institution.