Our OHS Policy

Our company operating in the iron profile pipe sector, cares about the safety and health of both its employees and managers within the scope of its OHS policy. In this context, we carry on our business in accordance with the OHS policy we have determined and the Occupational Health and Safety Legislation. First of all, we consider the safety and health of our employees and customers in every product we produce and in every activity we perform. We ensure that everyone operates within their own jurisdiction by providing an extremely healthy and reliable workplace for our employees. Within the scope of this policy, our main goal is to ensure that all our employees and the environment we live in are protected against possible risks.

Basic Principles in OHS Policy

The basic principles we have adopted in the OHS policy are generally as follows.

  • In order to adopt the health and safety of our employees, subcontractors and employees outside the workplace as a basic principle, we take measures in accordance with the OHS legislation and all OHS-related requirements.
  • Determining the risks that may cause occupational diseases or work accidents in our workplace, and Ensuring the health and social welfare of employees at all levels is among the most basic principles we have adopted.
  • Considering the development in the industrial world, we aim for continuous development and continuous safety.