What is Corner Profile?

Corner profile is a piece that helps to prevent the most used material and furniture, especially furniture edges, from being damaged by impacts in homes and offices. Wall corner profile In addition to application areas such as furniture corner profile There are also application areas such as . These profiles, produced from high quality aluminum material, are offered to users in different colors. Thanks to the different color options of the corner profiles, the usage areas are expanding day by day. At the same time, these profiles can be produced in different thicknesses. Corner profiles, which help to hide the corner joints and provide an aesthetic appearance, are used in a wide variety of construction and architectural projects.

Where is the corner profile used?

Having a wide variety of uses corner profile can be used in many different places, from personal spaces such as home to corporate spaces such as offices. At the same time, it is possible to benefit from this material in order to obtain an aesthetic appearance on the floor corners of public transportation vehicles such as buses and minibuses. On the other hand, when laminated parquet flooring is made, this material can be used to close the space between the wall and the parquet.

Preferred also on stairs corner profile models is produced in different sizes and cut to desired dimensions. Also on kitchen counters. corner profile application is often preferred. The main purpose of this material is to achieve a good finish by providing an aesthetic appearance. In addition, it helps such applications to last longer by preventing the corners of applications such as floor coverings from lifting.

Corner Profile Types?

Corner profile types When it comes to , it is possible to talk about two different types. The rough plaster corner profile, also known as the diamond-shaped corner profile, and the plaster corner profile, also known as the perforated corner profile, are the two most common models. Although these two models have similar functions, there are slight differences between them in terms of application areas.

Rough Plaster (Baklava Sliced) Corner Profile

Corner profile with lozenges or otherwise known as rough plaster corner profile is a corner profile type that is generally preferred during machined plaster application. This material is preferred when cornering is needed during application, providing a smoother and more aesthetically pleasing cornering. The model with lozenges is preferred in similar areas, especially in interior brick, exposed concrete, pumice block applications. The use of this profile helps to guide the application and increase the impact resistance of the application area.

Plaster (Perforated) Corner Profile

Perforated corner profile known as gypsum corner profile , on the other hand, is a preferred profile model in plasterboard systems. The purpose of this application is to protect the outer corners of the plasterboard against possible impacts. In addition to the impact protection effect, these corner profiles are preferred to obtain an aesthetic and smooth appearance. Gypsum corner profile can be preferred in interior applications such as partition walls, curtain walls and suspended ceilings.

Corner Profile Production Ranges

Corner profile production ranges has different thickness values ​​according to application needs. Production can be carried out in the thickness range of 0.25 mm - 0.35 mm. Similarly, according to the area to be applied corner profile length may also differ. Although the standard length is 2700 mm, special production can be made depending on the project. Production can be made in the range of 2000 – 3000 mm in accordance with your demand for your project. The important point here corner profile application project Within the scope of , it will be to determine the properties of the material that will be needed correctly. Then, you can place an order for your needs and customize it for your project. corner profile You can use .

Izmir Corner Profile Manufacturer

For your projects Izmir corner profile manufacturer our expert team will be happy to assist you. Our team, which is experienced in different application projects, will find the most suitable solution for your needs. corner profile models He is preparing a project with . Considering the different application requirements,We follow the specific implementation processes for each project.

Izmir corner profile manufacturer As , we provide corner profiles to different cities of Turkey and different countries around the world. You can get special offers for your project as soon as possible by contacting our team. Our corner profiles, which are offered in different colors and different sizes, are specially designed for high quality applications.


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